Comedian, Clown, Humorist, Educator

He was a preemie born on Christmas day, right there at home. His folks couldn’t get him to the hospital and into an incubator, so they just put him in a crock pot. They almost named him Stew. However he was dubbed Toby and so the saga began.

Several years later he became several years older but was destined to always be the youngest of nine Iowa farm boys, Toby’s first thespian experience was in a Cub Scout skit, he was the bear in the lead role. Next, utilizing basics from high school speech and drama along with the grace of a football lineman, he threw in some juggling and magic. Toby entertained his keep through seven years of college, obtaining a degree in education. Yes, he could be teach’n.

Toby was off. To Europe, that is. The European street acts greatly influenced Toby’s style of mirth making and served as a training ground for his quick wit. “Trying to make the British laugh is like trying to catch a skunk without getting stinky,” says KID about his time over there.

Returning to the states, Toby immediately started carving a comedic niche for himself. KID performed with the great B.B. King and also Garth Brooks. “Keeping it clean” while making people laugh has given him the opportunity to perform for large corporate functions, major athletic events and for smaller groups like local associations, high schools and the FFA.

Throughout his career, Toby KID has performed over fifteen thousand shows and driven literally millions of miles. He’s performed in 48 states and 7 countries. If you listen to radio you have undoubtedly heard KID’s caty-wampus views or maybe read them on the web. KID’s numerous TV appearances include Good Morning America and ESPN. (When was the last time you saw a comedian on these programs?) As Aye Jaye says in his hot selling book, The Golden Book of Schmoosing; “The following are some of the funniest people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with,” and amid names like Will Durst, Billy Crystal, Penn and Teller and Drew Carey, you’ll find the name Toby KID listed as well. Same size. Same font.

Toby has been married to Jennifer since 1989 and they live in Ogden, Iowa. They have four children: Toby Jo, Byron Jean, Charile Sue and Allea Jaye.

“Toby’s humor and wit is clean, fast and funny.”

“You were a hit with absolutely everyone.”
– WGN, Chicago

“Your talent is making people laugh.”
– Duane Ellett and Floppy

“Funny young comedian. . .”
– Chuck Offenberger, Des Moines Register

“Tremendously energetic and fun.”
– Don Ho

“This was the first time all those attending enjoyed the conference and Toby KID is the reason.”
– Illinois Department of Corrections

“You made each person feel you were there just for them.”
– Manager, Hy-Vee

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