Mac King is good, clean, wholesome, weird entertainment. You’ve never seen anything like this! Really! Have you ever seen a person’s head completely disappear? Or shaving cream shoot from a guys ear ten feet out into the audience? Not unless you’ve had the “MAC KING EXPERIENCE”. These tricks and much more happen when you witness Mac King. Mac is not only one of the greatest magicians alive today, he’s also the funniest – and weirdest.

See why he was chosen to be the comedy magician on the NBC TV special THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC. Find out for yourself why, after seeing his performance NBC immediately booked him for their magic special, HOUDINI: UNLOCKING HIS SECRETS.

On the strength of those two performances he was asked to appear in THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC II, the only magic show in history to finish in the top ten for the week. Everyone on that show performed one short spot, except Mac. He performed eight separate times throughout the show. When it was time to film the WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC III, Mac was once again at the top of the list, making 13 appearances throughout the 2 hour show. Look for Mac again on NBC’s WORLD’S GREATEST MAGIC IV. That’s certainly why all the TV comedy shows like Evening at the Improv and The World Famous Comic Strip Live have made Mac a regular.

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