Magician and autistic self-advocate Cody Clark elevates his magic beyond being “just tricks” by placing his routines within real life’s magic moments. This allows him to bond with his audiences over shared interests whilst amazing them with his sleight of hand and unique effects with familiar items such as Velveeta Mac & Cheese, children’s chapter books, baseballs, and Thomas the Tank Engine. He also writes all his own scripts, giving him the versatility to adjust his show for different types of audiences. His three main show offerings are:

A Different Way of Thinking:

Cody combines magic, comedy, and storytelling to share what living with autism is like for him. He places his effects within coming of age experiences such as discovering Thomas the Tank Engine, playing church T-ball, getting interested in magic, and dating in high school. This shows how autism makes Cody different, yet how Cody still has the same desires as anyone else. This show is offered in 60 minute and 30 minute versions to performing arts centers, small theatres, K-12 schools, colleges, and autism advocacy organizations. A companion talk “Inside My Different Way of Thinking” can be presented in conjunction.

Cody Clark Magic:

This is Cody’s all-purposes magic show, which ranges from 10-60 minutes and can be performed at private parties, major events, awards receptions, fundraiser dinners, and ensemble theatre/magic shows. The magic in this show is uniquely Cody, yet is versatile enough to fits the needs of your particular event and audience.

Conductor Cody:

All aboard for Cody’s railroading themed children’s magic show! Inspired by his childhood love of trains and the conductor characters of George Carlin (Shining Time Station) and Tom Hanks (The Polar Express), Cody takes young audiences on a magical train trip! Golden tickets are torn & restored, children learn how coal makes steam engines run, and exciting travel destinations are explored. This show is 30 minutes and can be performed in libraries, railroad/transportation museums, historical and science museums, and family fun festivals. A holiday version is available for holiday events as well.