Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats as the thrill-ride is about to begin. This is no rabbit from a hat magic act.. although you will witness Bob the Bird get shot from a cannon. The bird doesn’t get hurt which is more than we can say for the star that eats fire, swalows swords and is not afraid to put his head in a guillotine. And if danger wasn’t enough, we have comedy a mile a minute and magic that will twist your mind! Please welcome… Fielding West!

Where have I seen that guy? EVERYWHERE! Fielding West has been seen everywhere from stage to television. Fielding West is an award-winning comedy magician who is also an actor, game show host, TV personality, motion picture technical director, writer, and well… we think you get the point.

Much of Fielding’s success is due to his humorous and good-natured audience involvement. He is a seasoned pro who adapts his act to any audience. Fielding can jump off the big stage in a Vegas show to a smaller corporate audience without a hitch.

It’s no mystery why in a town full of entertainers Fielding West can be seen everywhere!

“Naturally outrageous, spontaneous and crazed with comedy.”
-Entertainment Today, Las Vegas