How do you take 5-10 people and turn them into instant stars? Dylan Counts does it every time he takes the stage. A long time performer and hypnotist, Dylan has traveled the country from NY to LA making friends and hypnotizing people and you can be one of them!

Every show has a large number of volunteers who will be taken back in time, to exotic places, experience new sensations; fully living the experiences they are shown…and making your audience laugh the whole time.

Clean or dirty, large or small, old or young; Dylan’s show is customized to what you need for your audience. From After-Prom to After Hours, there is no group that won’t be entertained by the comedy hypnosis on stage.

The best part is: the show doesn’t end after the lights go down! Your volunteers will leave the stage feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face the world…or the videos that their friends took! The whole audience will be talking about it for days!

So make your next event memorable and entertaining with Dylan Counts’ Comedy Hypnosis!