They’re LAUGHING at Me!

Tim Cavanagh has been laughed at for over twenty years. They ‘ve laughed at him at colleges, they’ve laughed at him at business meetings, they’ve laughed at him at fundraisers, association dinners, awards banquets, and they’ve laughed at him at some of the top comedy clubs and concert venues across the country. Why are all of these people laughing at Tim Cavanagh? It’s simple. He’s truly funny!

After college, Tim spent three years as a religion teacher at an all-girls high school. In his last year as a teacher, Tim moonlighted at Zanies Comedy Club in his hometown of Chicago. Bitten by the comedy bug, he decided to devote all of his energy towards being funny. But his teaching background taught him that preparation and professionalism are the cornerstones of any career – even one in the comedy business. And that’s exactly what Tim brings with him to every show and to every event.

Tim has worked with hundreds of corporate groups performing clean, customized, hilarious comedy. He does his research for each group by scouring their website and having a conference call (or two) with members of the group, gathering ideas and information about their issues and personalities. That’s when the fun begins – when the comedic mind takes playful aim at your group. But never fear! It’s always clean, always appropriate and, most of all, always funny!

Tim’s national credits include ABC-TV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and WGN America. He can be heard regularly on the nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom” radio show, where he has been a featured contributor for over a decade. His funny songs have been showcased on Sirius XM radio, the “Dr. Demento” radio show, and BBC Radio 4. He’s even been heard on Continental Airlines—at no additional fee (we’re pretty sure).

From AAA to Xerox, from Bayer to Weyerhaeuser, they all have laughed at Tim Cavanagh. Tim’s comedy mission is simple—finding what’s funny in your business. And then you’ll be laughing at him, too!

“The show was hilarious, and very appropriate to the group. Kudos on the great job.”
—Brian Thomas AAA Akron Auto Club

“Tim was great—easy to work with, provided a customized routine to our audience and had us all in stitches. Great suggestion. Thumbs up!”
—Ron Walczak Sysmex America,


  • “They’re LAUGHING at Me!”—Tim puts together a truly unique comedy show, including customized material written just for your group, funny songs, lots of jokes, playful audience interaction, and over $7 in prizes. The humor is always clean and appropriate. And if you want Tim to customize the program title (e.g., “What’s So Funny about Tax Accounting?” “Laughter is the Second Best Medicine,” etc.), just ask.
  • “Dr. Tim Cavanagh, IMPOSTOR”—Instead of introducing Tim as a comedian, he can be presented to the audience in a variety of “serious” personas. Examples range from an off-kilter industry “expert” or a new bumbling company Vice President, to the panicked Head of Hotel Security or a know-nothing government official. Or, he can be anything in between.
  • “Our Host for Today’s Event, Tim Cavanagh”—Tim can act as a Master of Ceremonies for a day of meetings or educational sessions and make it move smoothly with a healthy dose of comedy when needed. He can also host an awards banquet or recognition dinner with just the right combination of humor and warmth.

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