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Hypnotist Lorri Michals

Lorri Michals

When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard? We're talking about side splitting, body shaking, eyes watering laughter. When you're ready to laugh that way again...

You're ready for Lorri Michals!! Guaranted G-rated and outrageously funny!!

Imagine a fast-paced show, with a dynamic performer, providing your colleagues and friends with an unforgettable experience!! We'll have your peers winning the next "American Idol" contest; or perhaps they will bark out orders to the boss like a military drill sergeant; or maybe they'll even go to great lengths to figure out why every time they hear the word "ring", they believe their shoe is a cellphone (and try to answer it). With our hilarious, yet non-offensive, programs, customized with for your particular event, your group will laugh like they've never laughed before.

With a background in entertainment, communication and facilitation, Stage Hypnotist Lorri Michals has toured Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, Canada and the U.S. In addition to her outrageously funny Comedy Hypnosis shows for Corporate events and High Schools, she and her husband have been widely recognized for their entertaining and motivational presentations as a team for Companies, Colleges and Religious & Community Organizations.

Lorri Michals

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