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Hypnotist Ken Kern

Dr. Ken Kern

Welcome to the fun world of Dr. Ken Kern, The Hypnotist! Dr. Kern offers outstanding hypnotic entertainment. His show is guaranteed to make friends, students, and business colleagues guffaw with laughter, and be truly amazed, as they watch people they know do some really funny and creative performances on stage.

Hypnotism is one of the most fascinating of all entertainments. Dr. Kern is a MASTER of hypnotism and presents his performance the way hypnotism should be seen! You will be amazed and inspired with his demonstrations that show the incredible power of the mind and what the human spirit is capable of!

Dr. Kern never uses plants or confederates in his audiences and every aspect of his demonstration is REAL! You will both marvel at the wonders as you watch your friends being put to sleep and guided by Dr. Kern and you will roll in the aisles at the hilarious antics they are capable of!

Yet, Dr. Kern has the experience and know-how to insure that no one is ever embarrassed in any way during their time on stage and that everyone leaves the show delighted and enchanted by the miracles they have witnessed and participated in.

Let the impossible come true and your wildest dreams become reality! You will see things you never believed possible. The power of the mind is beyond imagination and Dr. Kern is the number one professional you can put your trust in to bring you an outstanding event!

"Your performance was very professional and conducted with poise and very friendly...people said they want to volunteer again next year. Dr. Ken will keep you laughing all night long" -Susan Faerber, UCSD Moores Cancer Center Fundraiser.

"I wish to heartily thank you for your superb performance for the crew of the USS Pearl Harbor" -SJ Zachary, Chaplain, US Navy, US Marine Corps

Dr. Ken Kern

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