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Hypnotist Kellie Karl

Kellie Karl

GET HYPNOTIZED as Kellie takes you on a journey to the center of your mind! You must see it to believe it! The EXTRAORDINARY hypnotic ability and brilliance of Kellie Karl is breathtaking and sensational.

Kellie's shows are hilarious, high voltage, head-spinning FUN featuring YOU and the amazing power of your subconscious mind. She delivers, with an incredible, jaw-dropping performance for you and your audience.

Watch in amazement as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into the hypnotized and mesmerized STARS OF THE SHOW! She has entranced minds and tickled funny bones worldwide performing for casinos, cruise ships, TV, movies, corporate events, fairs, festivals and parties, and is ready to perform for you!

“She has that rare something special.”
Joanie Spina, David Copperfield director

Kellie Karl

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