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Hypnotist Ken Kern

Brad Clark

Brad has traveled the country entertaining thousands of people with his UNLEASHED Hypnosis comedy show. You will never see the same show twice because every show has a stage full of new entertainers. It’s all real and you have the opportunity to experience the state of hypnosis on stage or from your seat in the audience. Once the entertainers are hypnotized Brad guides them to far away places and lets them experience feelings, smells and tastes that bring smiles to their faces and yours. The laughter doesn’t stop once the entertainers are off stage, you will be amazed at the post hypnotic suggestions that last long after the show is over.

“The mind and the body don’t know the difference between your imagination and reality” says Brad. This is what allows anyone from housewives to professional athletes to achieve what ever they can imagine. “I help thousands of people open up their imagination and visualize the things that they want to achieve and experience.”

Brad Clark

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