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Comedian Zan Aufderheide


How did Zan get to playing in front of thousands at the Ryman Auditorium, home of The Grand Ole Opry? While working as a road comic in the Midwest, Zan won a radio contest and the prize was to open for Chonda Pierce, the Queen of Clean. The "one-minute joke" paid off big and turned into an eighteen month national tour. This Cinderella story took her from comedy clubs and open mics to playing theatres, arenas, and churches all over the country, culminating on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium, home of The Grand Ole Opry, during the taping of "This Ain't Prettyville".

Zan loves to laugh at the crazy things in life - beginning with her own, like growing up in lederhosen (whatever that is), living next door to a mental health clinic, and being baptized in an all-black church - along with lots of little children half her size. "When we laugh, we can find our common ground," she says. Unity through laughter: that's her goal.

Zan holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theater from UCSD. All of her material is clean, autobiographical, and funny! The only complaint that audiences ever have is that they want more Zan!


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