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Comedian Paul Frisbie

Paul Frisbie

Paul Frisbie works out of Chicago, IL. He's a regular at clubs like Zanies, The Improvisation, and The Funny Bone - and at hundreds of other venues from coast to coast. Frisbie has been featured on the Bob & Tom Show and has been booked to open for headline acts ranging from Michael Bolton to Adam Sandler.

Frisbie has collaborated on material for the Tonight Show and published dozens of articles in newspapers and magazines. He's believed to have been the first comic on the planet to post a web site, back before the internet caught on - and before there was any real reason to bother with a web site. A later version of Frisbie's site was featured in the best-selling book NetMarketing.

Frisbie has also written for both TV and radio. Odds are that if you read, watch TV or own a radio you've already enjoyed some of Frisbie's work.

Frisbie's act is fresh and unique. Depending upon the situation he may decide to discuss anything from the intricacies of buffalo ranching to the perils of imbibing Schlitz with his 90-year-old grandmother.

At any moment Frisbie may interrupt himself with a lively song on the guitar, banjo, or mandolin. It's a slightly different show every time. We'll see you there.

Paul Frisbie

Paul Frisbie

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