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Comedian Ed Vos

Ed Vos

With his clean, clever wit, Ed has been a hit at private parties colleges, and corporate events around the country. Ed's high energy approach and razor sharp improvisational skills make him perfect for all occasions.

He knows how to get a laugh about the thing he knows best - living in Iowa. "I like to call it corn-fed comedy," he said. "I don't tell jokes, I tell stories."

Ed Vos began his career writing, producing, and appearing in comedy segments airing internationally for the Armed Forces radio and television network.

Tall and in command, he performs at comedy clubs around the country and enjoys tracking the college and university circuit, where he fits right in.

"He has the presence of a good friend, making it seem as if you’ve known him for years."
-Tom Klett, The Montezuma News

Ed Vos

Ed Vos

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