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Comedian Bob Zany

Bob Zany

Bob is wry, sarcastic, insulting, lovable, and well... zany. He has been a regular guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs more than three hundred nights a year in the best clubs in the country. As if this weren't enough, his Zany Report is also featured on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show.

"He simply reaches into a bottomless grab bag of jokes. It's like watching Magic Johnson lead a fast break--so smooth and effortless that it would be easy to overlook just how much talent and skill is behind the process... He's also a naturally funny guy, a distinction at a time when stand-up is cluttered with people who aren't." - The Los Angeles Times

"Zany has so mastered his craft that it's become invisible ...his improvisational style harks back to Robin Williams. But when art is highly evolved nobody looks like a clone of anybody else, and Zany is nothing but an original." - Dramalogue

"We at the Weekly do believe that it is Zany's turn... Bob Zany as big as Tim Allen, Roseanne and Jerry Seinfeld? In our minds, he already is." - Pasadena Weekly

Bob Zany's New Comedy Album

Bob Zany Unplugged & Plugged Up, Bay-Bee!
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Client Testimonial:

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Bob Zany's One Man, 2 Chicks, and a Bay-Bee! Show

One Man, 2 Chicks, & A Bay-Bee!

This is The Show, Bay-bee! Starring Bob Zany with Keith West & The Zanettes.

"We had a wonderful crowd that thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The best part about each show is that Bob Zany & Keith West made each show unique and really got the audiences involved. The reputation of the performers was a strong selling point in the Wild Rose Box Office." -Beth A. Thompson, Wild Rose Casino & Resort
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Bob Zany

Bob Zany

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